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Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance

bicycle courier liability insuranceBicycle Courier Liability Insurance

If you make deliveries by bicycle, you may need to look into Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance.

Some Bicycle Courier companies like to use self employed delivery men and women, and will often make it a condition of their contract that they purchase suitable Insurance.

What’s covered under Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance

Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance will cover you or your company against claims for Third Party Property Damage and/or Third Party Injury.

Third Party Property damage would not necessarily include damage to goods you are delivering – you might need another type of cover for this.  It may however cover you for things like damaging someone’s premises whilst making the delivery.

The third party injury element of the policy would cover you for accidentally injuring someone in the course of the delivery, depending on the circumstances.

How to get Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance

When approached recently by a Bicycle Courier, we learned that he had experienced difficulty getting quotes – we were able to provide a very reasonable quote in under 24 hours.

insurance-brokers-essexWhat to look out for with your Bicycle Courier Liability Insurance

A few things to watch out for:

  • The Indemnity Limit – typically you can buy cover up to £1,000,000, £2,000,000 or £5,000,000 – be sure to check how much you’ve been asked to buy
  • Terms & conditions – check the small print for any exclusions or conditions that might limit or reduce cover in certain circumstances
  • The excess – this can vary, usually between £250 and £500, but sometimes higher – make sure you know what you’d need to pay in the event a claim
  • The Insurer  – make sure you choose a reputable Insurer, which is financially stable and regulated by the appropriate bodies. Sometimes it can be hard to spot that the Insurer is actually offshore and not entirely stable!.
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