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Winter-proof your home

Winter proof your home As the winter months approach, it’s a good time to do some annual maintenance on your home. Getting ready for colder weather conditions means checking, repairing, and preparing your home to withstand the upcoming rain, wind, and snow.   Check the roof Cracked or missing tiles can let rain in. This can cause damp and […]

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How To Keep Your Home Secure This Winter

How To Keep Your Home Secure This Winter Winter is coming.  And Winter is a peak time for home burglaries, with thieves using the earlier, longer and darker nights to cover their criminal activities. UK Police forces have found that burglaries can increase by as much as 57% in bonfire week. People are out of the house at firework displays, and […]

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Why tenants should shop around on Commercial Buildings Insurance

Why tenants should shop around on Commercial Buildings Insurance As a Commercial Buildings Insurance Broker I was approached recently to provide a quotation for a commercial tenant. They believed they were being charged over the odds for their insurance by their landlord.   What is Commercial Buildings Insurance? Commercial Buildings Insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding […]

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Market Value vs. Rebuild Cost

Market Value vs. Rebuild Cost As a Property Insurance Broker it amazes me how often people will give us the market value of their property when we ask for their Buildings sum insured. Very often they will say ‘Well, I paid £250,000 for it’, but what they don’t realise is the Market Value of a property […]

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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance If you are an owner of a Property which a business operates in, even if it’s your own business or one that you let out to tenants, it is usually described as Commercial premise. Most Commercial Property owners are exposed to a number of different risks, this could be because they rent […]

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Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant Property Insurance  Finding Vacant Property Insurance can be a tough process, as not many insurers are keen on covering Vacant Properties for lengthy periods of time. Vacant Property Insurance is often taken out when a Property has been or is going to be empty for an extended period time, for example if the Property is for […]

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Malicious damage by tenants

Malicious damage by tenants   Have you checked if your Landlord Insurance includes malicious damage by tenants cover? As a Property Insurance Broker, I am often comparing cover for my Landlord clients, to make sure they’re getting the widest possible cover for a good price. One of things that still surprises me every time I […]

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